STEM Junior Engineering

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Meet STEM Junior, a little character with some big ideas and a bunch of super smart engineering friends.

Have you ever wondered how a bridge stays up, or how your texts get from one end of town to the other, or how your raincoat keeps you dry?

Well, you’re in the right place. Basher's STEM Junior: Engineering is packed with 40 vibrant personalities who are just itching to spill the beans. Let them tell you all about themselves and you'll be a top engineer yourself in no time.

With over 100 of Simon Basher's unique illustrations, Basher's Stem Junior: Engineering will help give children a solid foundation in the key topics that make up the core STEM subject of engineering.

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Publisher: Kingfisher ISBN: 9780753445143Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction, Series, Top Quality Non-Fiction Tags: Basher, Children's Non-Fiction, engineering, Jonathan O'Callaghan, Series, STEM
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