The Homelanders (Books #1-4)

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Charlie West just woke up in someone else’s nightmare.

He went to bed an ordinary high-school student. He woke up strapped to a chair, covered in blood and bruises. He hurts all over. And a strange voice outside the door just ordered his death.

The last thing he can remember, he was working on homework, practising karate, day-dreaming of becoming an air force pilot, writing a pretty girl’s number on his hand.

Now the police want to arrest him for the death of his best friend. And a team of ruthless killers is rapidly closing in for more drastic measures.

He’s desperate to survive. And to discover what happened. The truth of the matter is more incredible—and more deadly—than he could ever imagine.

The entire four-novel adventure—now in a single volume.

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Author: Andrew Klavan

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 9

Publisher: Thomas Nelson ISBN: 9781401686949Categories: Highly Recommended, Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction Tags: Action & Suspense, Adventure, Highly Recommended, Thriller, Young Adult Fiction
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