Teddy Mars Book #3: Almost an Outlaw

R 59.00

Teddy goes from record breaker to rule breaker.

Just like world records, some rules are made to be broken. When Teddy’s great-aunt Ursula moves in, she makes rules about everything from juice to The Guinness Book of World Records to being a good big brother.

At first, Teddy is excited. Maybe she’ll finally end The Destructor’s reign of terror!

But when Aunt Ursula’s newest rule, PIGEONS ARE NOT PETS, puts the neighbourhood pigeons in danger, Teddy may have to bend a few rules to save them.


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 29

Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books ISBN: 9780062278180Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Humour, Series Tags: Children's Fiction, Humour, Series
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