Amelia Bedelia Chapter Book #8: Amelia Bedelia Dances Off

R 50.00

Amelia Bedelia puts on her dancing shoes and dances up a storm!

All of Amelia Bedelia's friends love to dance. She has friends who are ballerinas, friends who do modern dance, and friends who tap.

But Amelia Bedelia isn't sure what kind of dance is right for her. After all, if she is going to dance to a particular tune, she'd like it to be her own!

Amelia Bedelia's funny search for the perfect dance fit involves friends, family, teachers, and pets, and it will have readers dancing on air!

Author: Herman Parish

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 32

Publisher: Greenwillow Books ISBN: 9780062334084Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Series Tags: Children's Fiction, Series
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