Animal Smackdown: Surprising Animal Matchups with Surprising Results

R 99.00

With big-time sports style and drama, this fun book brings epic animal matchups to life, pitting awesome contenders against each other in all kinds of crazy competitions!

Enter the ring to witness an epic battle of brawn between an ant and an elephant! A chimp vs. a crow in a showdown of wits! An emperor penguin vs. a pygmy marmoset in a contest for cutest creature!

Some of the victors might surprise you and all of these animals will amaze you!

Animal Smackdown is the next best thing to actually seeing these animals go head-to-head!


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 48

Publisher: National Geographic Children's Books ISBN: 9781426331510Categories: Bestsellers, Children's, Children's Non-Fiction, General Non-Fiction Tags: Bestsellers, Children's Non-Fiction, General Non-Fiction
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