Blood Hunt (A Format)

R 10.00

Gordon Reeve has a funeral to go to. His journalist brother has been found dead in a car, a presumed suicide.

When he gets there it seems that nobody wants to answer his questions - why was the car in which is brother's body was found locked from the outside?

Why does the local cop act like his shadow and prevent him talking to the friend who saw Jim last?

Why does he have the sinking feeling that it wasn't a ghost he saw parked outside the crematorium?

Ex-SAS, a professional killer with an anger management problem, it's not in Reeve's nature to let such questions go unanswered, particularly when the murderers come knocking at his own front door.

Author: Ian Rankin

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 15

Publisher: Orion Books ISBN: 9781407245287Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction, Ian Rankin
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