Bodyguard Extreme Action Bundle

R 400.00


Teenage kickboxing champion Connor Reeves is determined to do his father, a former special forces soldier, proud.

Recruited into the ranks of a top-secret young bodyguard squad known as Guardian, Connor trains in surveillance, anti-ambush exercises, hostage survival and unarmed combat. Whatever it takes to prepare him for the dangerous missions ahead.

Books 1 - 8 for only R400

  • Bodyguard #1: Recruit
  • Bodyguard #2: Hostage
  • Bodyguard #3: Hijack
  • Bodyguard #4: Ransom
  • Bodyguard #5: Ambush
  • Bodyguard #6: Survival
  • Bodyguard #7: Target
  • Bodyguard #8: Traitor


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