Bunny's Book Club

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Bunny loves to sit outside the library with the kids and listen to summer story time.

But when the weather gets cold and everyone moves inside, his daily dose of joy is gone. Desperate, Bunny refuses to miss out on any more reading time and devises a plan to sneak into the library at night . . . through the library’s book drop!

What follows is an adorable caper that brings an inquisitive, fuzzy bunny and his woodland pals up close and personal with the books they have grown to love.

A warm celebration of the power of books, Bunny’s Book Club is sure to bring knowing smiles to any child, parent, teacher, bookseller, and librarian who understands the one-of-a-kind magic of reading.

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Author: Annie Silvestro

Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 7

Publisher: Doubleday Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9780553537581Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books Tags: Children's Picture Books
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