Clay Pigeon Shooting Game

R 75.00

The hunt is on ! Yes ! you can now practice shooting pigeons in the office with office pigeon shooting .

Composed of three pigeon-shaped erasers and a rifle whose barrel is actually a pencil , this desktop pigeon shooting kit is an excellent pretext to take a well-deserved break between two files (provided your " boss "doesn't roam around). Cock the rifle using the rubber bands provided and PAN! you knock out (that's the case to say) the rubber pigeons that are just waiting for that. As long as your colleague is also "armed", it's a safe bet that pigeon shooting will degenerate into a duel with rubber bands!

  • Office pigeon shooting,
  • 3 pigeon erasers, 1 pencil gun and 3 elastic ammunition,
  • relaxation and utility.
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