My Life, Your Life: Cultural Issues

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This book looks at cultural issues between family and school friends including religion, diet, clothes and attitudes.

It looks at family expectations and the desire to blend in with peers. It emphasises respect for cultural differences in and out of school and tolerance and an acceptance of a different way of behaving.

It is part of the series My Life, Your Life, which takes a sensitive and positive look at some of the issues that concern children aged 10+.

It explores issues including sexuality, gender, self-esteem, prejudice and discrimination and promotes and encourages discussion.

By thinking creatively and critically, children can learn to accept their differences, embrace diversity and improve their sense of self and how they fit into the bigger picture.

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Author: Various

Type: Hardcover

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Publisher: Franklin Watts ISBN: 9781445152868Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction Tags: Children's Non-Fiction
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