Curious Nature: Animals

R 79.00

Illustrated series introducing children to various aspects of nature, through a Q&A format.

Curious Nature. Natural phenomena are introduced as questions and answered in a simple and comprehensive way.


  • What are animals?
  • What is a mammal?
  • Why do lizards lie in the sun?.
  • Which animal has the most legs?
  • How do fish breathe underwater?
  • Can animals change colour?
  • Why do zebras have stripes?
  • Can animals use tools?
  • Which animal is the fastest?
  • Why do salmon swim upstream?
  • What is the biggest animal?
  • How do caterpillars turn into butterflies?
  • Activity: make a bug hotel
Author: Nancy Dickmann

Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 15

Publisher: Franklin Watts ISBN: 9781445156729Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction Tags: Children's Non-Fiction
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