Dead Spy Running (B Format)

R 10.00

Suspended MI6 agent Daniel Marchant is running out of time.

He’s alongside a man strapped with explosives at the London Marathon. If they drop their speed the belt will detonate, killing all around them. But is Marchant secretly working for the terrorists?

Marchant’s father, ex-chief of MI6, was accused by the CIA of treachery. To prove his innocence, Marchant must take a perilous journey via Poland and India to unearth his father’s dark past, test his relationship with fellow spy Leila and challenge the heavy hand of America’s war on terror.

Most of all, he has to learn to trust no one.

Author: Jon Stock

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 17

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers ISBN: 9780007350179Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction
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