Family Album (A Format)

R 30.00

Hollywood, 1945. Shipping heir Ward Thayer and screen star Faye Price are reunited after a chance meeting two years earlier. Unable to forget the connection they shared and helpless to resist it, romance quickly sparks.

But for Faye, daring and passionate, the life she's heading for with Ward is a threat to her ambition. How can she decide between Hollywood and motherhood? Is it right to choose fame over family?

Faye is on the brink of an impossible choice that will shape her life - and the lives of those she loves - in ways she could scarcely have imagined.

Every choice has its price . . .

Author: Danielle Steel

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 18

Publisher: Sphere ISBN: 9780751540703Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction, Historical Fiction
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