Far Cry

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Ruth and Simon Graham’s rare romantic break is shattered by devastating news: their daughter, Heather, on holiday in Cornwall with a friend’s family, has disappeared.

The loss is more than they — or their marriage — can bear. But time does heal, and slowly Ruth builds a new life for herself, a new husband, Andrew, even a second daughter, Beatrice.

The chances that history should repeat itself are next-to-impossible — that is until, years later, a desperate phone call launches D.I. Will Grayson and his partner, D.S. Helen Walker, into an investigation which will test their professional and emotional resources to the very limit.

Yet as Grayson becomes increasingly obsessed with a recently-released child abuser and Helen is drawn deeper into a destructive love affair with a married colleague, there is a real danger that their most testing investigation yet will slip fatefully through their hands.

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Type: Hardcover

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Publisher: William Heinemann ISBN: 9780434016921Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction
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