Fashion Academy: Model Madness

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Will Mickey William's design create a catwalk catfight?

Mickey Williams has always dreamed of being a famous fashion designer. It's why she works so hard on her assignments at the Fashion Academy of Brooklyn, the premiere school for aspiring designers.

So when Mickey accidentally bumps into famous supermodel Gigi Harlow, who proclaims that she simply must have Mickey's self-designed purse, Mickey's dreams are suddenly much closer than she ever could have hoped!

Then, Mickey runs into Gigi's rival, Kendyll Jansen, at a big fashion event. Kendyll also loves Mickey's designs―so much so that she wants Mickey to design her gown for the Met Costume Ball, NYC's biggest fashion event!

But will Mickey's designs send these warring models over the edge?


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 23

Publisher: Sourcebooks, ISBN: 9781492644965Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction Tags: Children's Fiction
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