The Flat Stanley Collection: 6 books in 1

R 100.00

The six classic Flat Stanley stories in one big bind-up collection!

  • Flat Stanley: Amazing things can happen when you’re flat!
  • Invisible Stanley: Stanley is not flat, but he is invisible . . .
  • Stanley in Space: The President of the United States chooses Stanley to go aboard a new top-secret spaceship.
  • Stanley and the Magic Lamp: Stanley finds a real genie inside his mother’s teapot.
  • Stanley’s Christmas Adventure: Someone has to save Christmas – and if anyone can, it’s Stanley!
  • Stanley, Flat Again: Stanley is back, and he’s flat – again!

6 - 10 Years

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Author: Jeff Brown

Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Egmont ISBN: 9780603577468Categories: Bestsellers, Children's, Children's Fiction Tags: Bestsellers, Children's Fiction
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