Forgotten City

R 99.00

Survival is just the beginning in this action-packed middle grade adventure that’s Mad Max for kids.

Thirteen years ago, the world ended. A deadly chemical called Waste began to spread across the globe, leaving devastation in its wake. Millions died. Cities fell into chaos. Anything the Waste didn’t kill, it mutated into threatening new forms.

Kobi has always believed he and his dad were the only survivors. But when his dad goes missing, Kobi follows his trail—and discovers a conspiracy even deadlier than the Waste itself.

Nonstop action, chilling dangers, and edge-of-your-seat twists make this gripping, fast-paced read perfect for young readers who love survival adventures like Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet and dystopian series like Jeanne DuPrau’s City of Ember.


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 20

Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780062696960Categories: Bestsellers, Tweens Fiction Tags: Action & Suspense, Adventure, Bestsellers, Dystopia, Tweens Fiction
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