Great Bunny Bakes

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Aprons on, recipes at the ready - it's time for the biggest, bestest, bunniest baking competition.

Only - who is this strangely dressed contestant?!

Quentin is a wolf with a very unusual hobby. He loves to bake! So when he accidentally receives an invitation to take part in a 
Great Bunny Baking competition he'll do anything to enter. 

Masterfully disguised (ahem) as a bunny, Quentin sails through round after round with his peerless pastry and heavenly honeybun tower. But soon he has to contend with a jealous fellow contestant. 

And when he slips and drops his Show-stopping Chocolate Cake it looks like all his work has been in vain . . .

But all is not as it seems in this tale of 
hidden identity, bravura baking and unexpected kindness

3 - 7 Years

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Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's UK ISBN: 9781471166341Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books Tags: baking, bunny's, Children's Picture Books, wolves
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