Hardy Boys Adventures #5: Peril at Granite Peak

R 75.00

Joe and Frank’s winter break skiing holiday turns to horror in this Hardy Boys adventure—a fresh approach to a classic series.

Frank and Joe are thrilled to spend winter break hitting the slopes at the Granite Peak Lodge ski resort. What could be better than an action-packed week of skiing and snowboarding set against a scenic mountain landscape?

But their plans hit an unexpected bump when a blizzard blows in, closing the roads and leaving the boys stranded in the lodge with several others.

Meanwhile, a series of deadly mishaps threatens to sabotage the resort—and the lives of its trapped guests.

First, a fellow vacationer nearly freezes solid when he’s locked out during the raging storm. Then, the lodge’s electricity is cut off, broken glass turns up in the breakfast waffles, and a resort employee is buried in a snowdrift.

Who’s behind these sinister acts?

Is the culprit trapped in the lodge with them?

The Hardy's are determined to find out—before they’re caught in an avalanche of danger.


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 14

Publisher: Aladdin ISBN: 9781442493964Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Series Tags: Action & Suspense, Adventure, Children's Fiction, Franklin W. Dixon, hardy boys, Mystery, Series
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