Heads Up Money

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A perfect introduction for teens to the big questions of economics that makes these difficult topics easy to comprehend through infographics, fun images, and jargon-free text.

From the pocket change to online shopping, money is everywhere. Economics can't be ignored, and Heads Up Money helps children make sense of the global marketplace, financial risks and gains, and free trade.

With easy-to-understand explanations of economic theory, this introductory resource is structured around key questions like "What is money?," "What is healthy competition?," and "What is the wage gap?"

Theories and concepts from all areas of economics are covered, including the market, supply and demand, industrialisation and capitalism, multinationals, currencies, and more.

Kids will even learn about money in ways that relate to their lives and personal finances with advice they can immediately put into practice, including saving money now in preparation for the future.

Heads Up Money answers the fundamental questions of money and economics in an approachable and visible way for teens.

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Author: Marcus Weeks

Type: Hardcover

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Publisher: DK Children ISBN: 9781465456267Categories: General Non-Fiction
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