Healthy Habits: Koala's Guide to Sleep

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Koala likes to sleep all day - he knows the sleep will give him the energy he needs to move around at night, when its cool.

This book follows the story of a sleepy koala , but it provides lots of advice on sleep for its human readers. Topics include why sleep is important and gives some hints and tips on how to have a good night's sleep.

Healthy Habits series for children aged 4 plus, features key information about how to stay healthy in mind and body, simply told and brought to life through a relatable animal guide alongside bright and gently humorous illustrations.

The books have lots of good advice for children and a little bit of learning about the animal world, to keep things interesting for young animal lovers.

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Publisher: Franklin Watts ISBN: 9781445182377Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books, Series Tags: Children's Picture Books, healthy habits, Series, sleep
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