History in Infographics: First World War

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History in Infographics: The First World War helps children get to grips with the immense scale of the First World War.

Find out the size of each country's army, see how many km of trenches there were, learn about the average age of soldiers and the amount of underage soldiers fighting, how many people were taken prisoner, how many zeppelins were built, how big the tanks were, what were the major battles and much, much more.

History in Infographics helps children to visualise facts and statistics using a clever and appealing mix of graphics and numbers. The colourful, high-impact design will appeal to a wide range of children, from visual learners to struggling readers, capturing and then holding their attention.

Infographics are a really exciting, different way to learn about core topics, and are ideal for fact-hungry children.

Author: Jon Richards

Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 22

Publisher: Wayland ISBN: 9781526306067Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction Tags: Children's Non-Fiction, first world war, history
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