How Many Legs?

R 59.00

This book has got legs--the question is, just how many are there?

In this zany, laugh-out-loud counting book, little readers are challenged to figure out how many legs there would be in a room if lots of many-legged friends showed up.

How many legs would there be if a dog walked in with a chimpanzee? Or a frog hopped in on a kangaroo? Or a squid rode in on a buffalo?

Hilarious illustrations and fun text ratchet up the giggles as each new friend joins the party.

Can you keep track of all the wacky, multiple-legged "guests" that turn up on the page? Maybe or maybe not, but you'll sure have a hoot along the way.


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 33

Publisher: B.E.S. Publishing ISBN: 9781438006840Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books Tags: Children's Picture Books
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