How Many Mice Make an Elephant?: And Other Big Questions About Size and Distance

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How Many Mice Make an Elephant? And Other Big Questions about Size and Distance introduces children to this tricky math concept in a fun, relatable way.

Fantastically written by Tracey Turner, questions such as "How many high jumps to the moon?" and "How many ice cubes make an iceberg?" get children to think about just how high, how big, and how far things are, as well as teaching them the math to work it out!

The logic behind each comparison is explained in clear, simple steps for children to follow along, helping them to reach the answer.

Beautiful illustrations by Aaron Cushley couldn't be further from a math text book, making learning math a truly fun experience.

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Publisher: Pan MacMillan ISBN: 9780753445402Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction Tags: Children's Non-Fiction, distance, facts, size, STEM, Tracey Turner
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