Kaboom Academy

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Forget everything you know about middle school while reading “this amusing and lighthearted story [that] pokes fun at traditional education, while celebrating nonconformity, individuality, and even oddity” (School Library Journal).

A new middle school has just opened in Horsemouth, New Hampshire: Kaboom Academy.

It’s a place where cannons go off in the middle of school assemblies, pills contain actual information, and multiplication is made, er, real. (Read: You ever wonder what it would be like if there were two of you? How about four? How about eight?

Well, you’re about to find out!) The school’s new students—and the Journalism 1A class in particular—can’t believe all the shenanigans that go on. Who’s really in charge of this groundbreaking academy for boys and girls who’ve fallen out of love with learning?

And what does it mean to “blow up the model for middle school”?


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Publisher: Yearling ISBN: 9780449816158Categories: Humour, Tweens Fiction Tags: Humour, Tweens Fiction
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