Craftily Ever After #2: Making the Band

R 50.00

Emily Adams, Maddie Wilson, Bella Diaz, and Sam Sharma are eight-year-old's with one special thing in common: they love to create.

They each have unique talents, too!

Emily is great at constructing and building; Maddie has an eye for fashion, fabrics, and sewing; Bella is a gadget whiz; and Sam is a gifted artist.

Together, these four crafty friends dream up new projects to design, build, and create and through their experiences, they'll learn how to handle various obstacles at school and in their everyday eight-year-old lives.

There's a talent show at school and for the first time, Maddie, Bella, Emily, and Sam can't think of anything to do.

That is, until an old tin can and some plastic tubing give them a musical idea!

Author: Martha Maker

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 17

Publisher: Little Simon ISBN: 9781534409101Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Diversity, Series Tags: Children's Fiction, Diversity, Series
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