Marigold Bakes a Cake

R 99.00

Baking the perfect cake is how Marigold spends Mondays. Being messy, noisy, and disruptive in Marigold's kitchen are how one finch, two pigeons, and three loons spend their Mondays!

Marigold the cat loves Mondays, for that is when he bakes cakes!

With his favourite recipe in front of him, he rolls up his sleeves and gets down to it. He whips up egg whites . . . Easy. He adds a cup of milk . . . Peasy. Then he sprinkles in just a pinch of . . . of finch?! That's not right at all!

Neither are the smidgeons of pigeons or the spoons-full of loons. Clearly a chase is in order!

Yet all that leads to is a spectacularly messy kitchen. And no cake.

Author: Mike Malbrough

Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 29

Publisher: Philomel Books ISBN: 9781524737382Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books Tags: Children's Picture Books
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