Maxi the Little Taxi

R 99.00

He's little! He's cute! But he's getting all dirty! This warm, charming story perfectly captures all the ups and downs of a busy little taxi's first day on the job

It's Maxi the Taxi's first day of work. What fun it is to zip and zoom all around the town!

SPLASH go the mud puddles! PLIPPITY-PLOP dripps the ice cream and mustard from sticky little fingers! Soon Maxi becomes so grimy and gooey that no one wants to ride with him.

Who will help this dirty little taxi discover what he needs most?

It's a smart little boy who takes Maxi for a noisy, tickly bath in the car wash!


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 15

Publisher: Scholastic Press ISBN: 9780545798600Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books Tags: cars, Children's Picture Books, taxi's
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