Nala's World: One Little Cat's Quest for Love and Adventure

R 150.00

A heartwarming picture book based on the incredible true story of social media sensation and round-the-world-cyclist Dean Nicholson and his trusty cat companion, Nala.

When Dean Nicholson found an abandoned kitten by the side of the road one day, he hadn't bargained on the lessons he'd learn from his unlikely companion, Nala. Both curious, independent, resilient and adventurous, they were a perfect match - and so together, they set off to travel around the world.

This inspirational true story, with an underlying message about loving and caring for animals, will show young readers everywhere that you can find friendship in the most unlikely places. With gorgeous illustrations from winner of the Waterstones Gift of the Year, Frann Preston-Gannon, and also featuring photos of Dean and Nala's real-world adventures.


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 10

Publisher: Wren & Rook ISBN: 9781526364746Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books Tags: Adventure, animal rescue, Children's Picture Books, Dean Nicholson, friendship, love, pets, travel, true story
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