Night Watch Ninjas

R 79.00

HIYAAAAAAAA! Meet the night watch ninjas, keeping your towns safe from evil night-time mischief!

When their midnight snack is interrupted by some shocking news, the ninjas don't hang about!

Their new mission is to protect everyone from a bad guy as sneaky as he is stinky. Nowhere is safe from his bottom of toxic destruction, and the ninjas are going to need all their skills to foil his devious plans. . .

But with lots of stink bombs and smelly cheese throwing them off the scent (literally), things don't always go to plan!

For fans of 
Steven Seagull and Supertato, this vibrant and funny picture book about nocturnal animals will have you laughing out loud whilst cheering on the brave ninjas!

3 - 7 Years


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 29

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's UK ISBN: 9781471164675Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books, Humour Tags: Children's Picture Books, Humour, lol, stinky stories
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