Now I'm Reading!: Look Around! - Pre-Reader

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The Now I'm Reading! books for emerging readers are just right for children who want to read but aren't quite ready to sound out words using phonics.

At the Pre-reader level, each of the 10 stories in LOOK AROUND! uses a proven system of simple, patterned text and strong visual cues to build confidence in the earliest readers.

Each booklet focuses on a specific early-learning concept (like colours, animals, family, and shapes) to help kids feel like "real" readers as they learn simple sight words and reading habits.

Inside the CD binder-like package, you'll find:

  • · 10 story booklets with colourful illustrations and engaging text
  • · 40 reward stickers to encourage completion and rereading
  • · "Words to Know" and "Stretch Your Mind" activity sections
  • · A Parent/Teacher Guide to help you figure out the best ways to use these books
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Author: Nora Gaydos

Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 7

Publisher: Innovative Kids ISBN: 9781584761679
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