Richard Scarry's Hop Aboard! Here We Go!

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“We go by car and we go by train,

We go by boat and we go by plane.

We go by land and sea and air,

We go, go, and go, from here to there.”

Kids will go, go, go with Richard Scarry's busy, colourful, and fun-filled book of vehicles.

By land, by sea, and by air they'll travel, finding out about virtually every form of transportation, big and small, old and new, slow and fast.

So whether young readers dream of sailing in a pirate ship, riding the rails in an old-fashioned locomotive, rip-roaring around the racetrack, or rocketing off to space, they'll happily join Scarry's familiar cast of characters and hop aboard!

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Author: Richard Scarry

Type: Hardcover

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Publisher: Sterling Children's Books ISBN: 9781402772221Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books, Children's Poetry and Rhymes Tags: Children's Picture Books, Children's Poetry and Rhymes
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