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What is hidden in the world around us? 

Meet a family who live in the city and discover what they do and where they go! Spend a day in the city and follow the family as they travel to work and to school, shop, relax in the park, enjoy a play, and eat dinner in a restaurant.

A wonderful first introduction to life in the big city with a unique design that adds a whole new dimension of enjoyment for children, this book is a fun and innovative non-fiction title that children will enjoy!

For ages 3 and up, the uniquely designed Shine-A-Light series of books uncovers the facts behind a diverse range of places and topics through hidden images that are revealed by light. 

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Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Ivy Kids ISBN: 9780711273757Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction, Series Tags: Children's Non-Fiction, city, facts, flashlight, hidden objects, search and find, Series
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