Someday (Alison McGhee)

R 50.00

A real tearjerker, especially if you have daughters! AV

One day I counted your fingers and kissed each one...
Sometimes, when you sleep, I watch you dream, and I dream too—
That someday you will dive into the cool clear water of a lake...
Someday I will watch you brushing your child’s hair...

A deceptively simple, powerful ode to the potential of love and the potential in life, Someday is the story of what every mother wishes for her child: a chance to live life at its fullest—to experience great joys, to stretch, to grow, to understand sorrow, to have a future…to have a someday.

This shimmering, achingly beautiful, and poignant tale—created by two great talents—takes this idea and turns it into something that will touch every reader.

Someday, is a story you’ll want to share with a special someone today and every day.

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Type: Hardcover

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Publisher: Little Simon ISBN: 9781481460125Categories: Children's, Children's Board Books, Highly Recommended Tags: Children's Board Book, Highly Recommended
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