Something's Amiss at the Zoo

R 59.00

When the world's worst zookeepers cause chaos at the zoo with a series of ridiculous mix-ups, it's up to one smart kid to set things right.

Two zookeepers just can't figure out what's wrong at the zoo. The spider monkey won't spin a web, and he seems scared of the other spiders. The tiger shark doesn't seem comfortable in the jungle enclosure, and the elephant beetle is in danger of being crushed by the other elephants.

Only one person can help: the kid!

He soon sets the zookeepers straight, but one mystery remains: how did these two ever manage to pass zookeeper school?

A series of hilarious of mix-ups and misunderstandings, from acclaimed comics collaborators creating their first picture book together.


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 15

Publisher: Lothian Children's Books ISBN: 9780734416223Categories: Children's, Children's Picture Books, Humour Tags: Children's Picture Books, Humour
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