Survivor Diaries: Avalanche!

R 70.00

A high-stakes adventure series perfect for fans of the I Survived series and Hatchet.

Twelve-year-old twins Ashley and Ryan are skiing with their parents in Wyoming's Grand Teton Mountains where there is a ground-shaking rumble. Unstable snow rushes downhill and buries them in icy white. It will take all of their knowledge and grit to survive.

With seventeen years of hands-on experience and training in remote areas, survival expert Terry Lynn Johnson (Ice Dogs; Sled Dog School) creates on-the-edge-of-your-seat storytelling featuring the real skills that kids need to survive a disaster.

This page-turner with illustrations includes survival tips from the National Avalanche Centre and U.S. Forest Service. You could have a better chance of surviving a real-life avalanche after reading this book!

Stay calm. Stay smart. Survive.


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 19

Publisher: HMH Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9780544970397Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Series Tags: Adventure, Children's Fiction, Series
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