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Did someone try to kill me or am I going mad?

When writer Rob Fallon gets drunk one night and ends up joining his best-friend's girlfriend, Jenny, in her apartment in London's West End, he's feeling guilty before anything's even happened. But guilt quickly turns to shock when two men break into the apartment, abduct Jenny, and try to kill Rob.

But when Rob reports the abduction to the police no one believes him. Jenny's father claims she's on holiday abroad, her apartment appears untouched, and the doorman didn't see or hear anything.

Rob can't let things lie - not with Jenny's life in danger. But when he starts asking questions, he finds himself the target of killers . But what is it they're so desperate to hide? And what does it have to do with an ordinary girl like Jenny?

Either Rob finds out, or he's dead. It's that simple ...


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 12

Publisher: Bantam Press ISBN: 9780593060049Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction
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