The Gift of Darkness (C Format)

R 25.00

Twenty-five years ago in the woods by the Hoh River near Seattle, three boys were kidnapped.

One never came home.

Last night, a family of four was found brutally murdered, the words 'thirteen days' carved near their lifeless bodies.

Homicide Detective Alice Madison - a one-time child runaway with a murky past - now spends her life hunting down the very worst humanity has to offer. Madison has a hunch that the two murders are linked . . . and she has thirteen days to prove it.

To stop a psychopath, Madison returns to the woods to confront the unsolved mystery of the Hoh River Boys.

She must forget her training and follow her instincts to the terrifying end as enemies become allies and, in the silent forest, time is running out to save another life.

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Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Quercus ISBN: 9781780878713Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Action & Suspense, Adult Fiction, Mystery, Psychological Thriller
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