The Kindness Club #2: Designed by Lucy

R 95.00

Creative and fashion-forward Lucy Tanaka was thrilled when Chloe Silver moved to town. Together with Theo Barnes, they formed The Kindness Club, testing different acts of kindness on their friends, neighbours, and siblings.

One day, Lucy learns that their classmate, Serena, recently lost her mother. On top of that, it's Serena's birthday next weekend. Lucy is determined to lift Serena's spirits, and she knows the perfect way to do it--rallying the Kindness Club to throw Serena the best birthday party ever at her family's bowling alley.

But as unexpected complications arise that threaten to ruin the party, can Lucy find another way to help her new friend during this hard time?

Inspired by kindness projects and anti-bullying campaigns across the country, award-winning author Courtney Sheinmel's delightful series will have all readers thinking kind!


Type: Hardcover

Qty available: 11

Publisher: Bloomsbury U.S.A. Children's Books ISBN: 9781681191171Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Highly Recommended, Series Tags: Children's Fiction, Highly Recommended, kindness, Series
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