The Naughtiest Unicorn #5: The Naughtiest Unicorn on a School Trip

R 79.00

Mira and Dave are so excited to go on a SCHOOL TRIP with all their Unicorn School friends!

They're visiting the Baby Animal Rainbow Care Centre (BARCC for short) and can't wait to meet all the adorable baby animals.

Will Dave eat all of his lunch on the bus? Will Raheem ever put down his quest clipboard? Will Mira meet a super-rare caticorn?

One thing is for sure... a school trip with Dave the naughtiest unicorn is going to be one big adventure!

6 - 10 Years


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 47

Publisher: Egmont ISBN: 9780603579783Categories: Bestsellers, Children's, Children's Fiction Tags: Bestsellers, Children's Picture Books, pip bird, unicorns
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