THE ones THAT disappeared

R 59.00

Some stories need to be told... A moving, beautifully-written and poignant novel about child trafficking and the search for freedom.

Kept by a ruthless gang, three children manage to escape from slavery. But freedom isn't just waiting on the outside.

Separated, scared and looking after a small child, Esra will do whatever she can to reunite with her friend Miran, who was captured by the police - the police who she mustn't trust.

Hiding in the shadows of the forest, Esra is found by a local boy, a boy with his own story. Together they will create a man out of mud. A man who will come to life and lead them through a dark labyrinth of tunnels until they finally have the courage the step above ground.

Until they finally have the courage to speak their story.

Until they finally have the courage to be free.


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 18

Publisher: Orion Children's Books ISBN: 9781510101586Categories: Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction Tags: Action & Suspense, Drama, Young Adult Fiction
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