The Right Dog for You: How to choose the perfect breed for you and your family

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With The Right Dog For You, you will be able to understand the personalities and needs of almost any breed to allow you to choose your perfect companion.
The first part of the book offers all-round guidance on how to choose a dog, and a short discussion on the newer crossbreeds. This is followed by a directory of over 120 breeds and crossbreeds, arranged by adult size, small to large, and packed full of information.

Alongside the mugshot, each breed has information about it's group and a succinct profile dealing with everything from grooming needs to any breed health concerns.
This book will send you to the breeder or the rescue center with your eyes open—leaving you free to lose your heart to a dog that you know will fit in with your lifestyle.


Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Ivy Press ISBN: 9780711257504Categories: General Non-Fiction Tags: breeds, dog facts, dogs, General Non-Fiction
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