The Soldier: Discover the Personal Experiences of Soldiers Throughout the History of Military Conflict, from the Seven Years War to the Present Day

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From the seasoned infantryman of the 1700s to the hi-tech warrior of today, this book makes an intriguing journey through 300 years of military service.

Authoritative text and stunning visual content explore every aspect of a soldier's life in both war and peace, charting how he has lived, marched, fought, died and survived across the centuries, often in places far from home.

Some aspects of serving in any army are timeless--soldiers throughout history have faced the challenges of barracks boredom, homesickness and battlefield terror.

Yet at the same time, the evolution of technology has progressively given the modern soldier levels of communications, firepower, comfort and survivability beyond the dreams of, say, a trooper in the American Revolution or the Napoleonic Wars.

Trace this evolution in this detailed guide. Illustrated with revealing photography and specially commissioned figure and kit artwork,

The Soldier is an exceptional record of what it has meant to serve in the armies of modern history.

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