The Three Sisters Quick and Easy Indian Cookbook

R 50.00

Drawing on a lifetime of passion for food, The Three Sisters have brought together a collection of over 60 traditional recipes that you can prepare and serve simply and quickly.

The Three Sisters Quick and Easy Indian Cookbook combines speedy one-pot curries, tasty dishes and snacks inspired by their mother's and grandmother's recipes - and their own experiences of delicious Indian street food.

EASY...With this beautiful cookbook you can easily make a myriad of fabulous meals, delectable desserts and fragrant treats. All the ingredients are readily available and every recipe is photographed.

You'll never reach for the take-away menu again when you can achieve maximum flavour in moments.

Author: Sereena; Alexa & Priya Kaul

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 14

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK ISBN: 9781471113475Categories: Cooking & Food Tags: Cooking & Food
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