There's a Triceratops in the Tree House: Dinosaur facts brought to life!

R 69.00

There's a Triceratops in the Tree House gives young readers a simple introduction to Triceratops. 

Join Triceratops as he goes to the dentist, catches a train and plays football. Along the way, discover just how big, tough and toothy he really was!

By imagining dinosaurs in modern-day scenarios, readers can learn about their size, diet and other features. 

Engaging question and answer format will keep young readers entertained and help them to understand and retain dinosaur facts.

3 - 8 Years


Type: Paperback

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Publisher: QED Publishing ISBN: 9781781714713Categories: Children's, Children's Non-Fiction, Children's Picture Books Tags: animal facts, Children's Non-Fiction, Children's Picture Books, dinosaurs, triceratops
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