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To Love Again (A Format)

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Isabella and Amadeo. The toast of international society and the undisputed leaders of Rome couture. Together they ruled the House of San Gregoria, a monument to Isabella's fabulous designs and stunning beauty, to Amadeo's unerring flair and golden Florentine elegance.

And beyond their enchanted world of splendour shone their boundless, undying love for one another.

Then suddenly their dream was shattered. Amadeo was gone - for ever.

Isabella fled to Rome for a new life of bitter struggles and haunting memories.

With her proud courage and all her zest for living, could she ever say goodbye to the past and dare . . . to love again.

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Author: Danielle Steel

Type: Paperback

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Publisher: Sphere ISBN: 9780751541380Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction
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