What Goes Around: 2/1 Cracked Up to Be & Some Girls Are

R 25.00

Two girls. Two secrets. Two gritty, critically acclaimed novels in one.

For Parker, perfection is all that matters. No one will know how wrong she is inside if everything she does ends up right.

But when the pressure proves too much, she makes a devastating mistake she'll do anything to keep hidden―even if it means becoming a perfect mess.

For Regina, popularity comes with a price. When she's kicked out of her clique, she finds out what it's like to be those she's bullied and destroyed.

Everyone says she has it coming . . . but is there something they don't know?

There is more to these two girls than meets the eye.

With unflinching honesty and a razor sharp voice, Courtney Summers brings the tensions of high school terrifyingly alive in What Goes Around.


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 16

Publisher: Griffin ISBN: 9781250038449Categories: Young Adult, Young Adult Fiction Tags: Drama, Young Adult Fiction
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