What We Found in the Sofa and How It Saved the World

R 50.00

A truly original and utterly wacky story about the importance of intelligence and curiosity in a complacent world.

The adventure of a lifetime begins between two sofa cushions....

When River, Freak, and Fiona discover a mysterious sofa sitting at their bus stop, their search for loose change produces a rare zucchini-coloured crayon. Little do they know this peculiar treasure is about to launch them into the middle of a plot to conquer the world!

The kids' only hope is to trap the plot's mastermind when he comes to steal the crayon.

But how can three kids from the middle of nowhere stop an evil billionaire?

With the help of an eccentric neighbour, an artificially intelligent domino, a DNA-analyzing tray, two hot air balloons, and a cat named Mucus, they just might be able to save the planet.


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 28

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers ISBN: 9780316206655Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Humour Tags: Adventure, Children's Fiction, Humour
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