When the Sky Falls

R 125.00

1941. War is raging. And one angry boy has been sent to the city, where bombers rule the skies.

There, Joseph will live with Mrs F, a gruff woman with no fondness for children. Her only loves are the rundown zoo she owns and its mighty silverback gorilla, Adonis. As the weeks pass, bonds deepen and secrets are revealed, but if the bombers set Adonis rampaging free, will either of them be able to end the life of the one thing they truly love?

‘An extraordinary story with historical and family truth at its heart, that tells us as much about the present as the past. Deeply felt, movingly written, a remarkable achievement’ Michael Morpurgo


Type: Paperback

Qty available: 10

Publisher: Happy Reader Online Children's Bookshop ISBN: 9781839133329Categories: Children's, Children's Fiction, Tweens Fiction Tags: Children's Fiction, Phil Earle, Tweens Fiction
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