The Wolf at the Door (B Format)

R 15.00

Someone is targeting the members of the elite intelligence unit known as ‘the Prime Minister’s private army’ and all those who work with them.

On Long Island, a trusted operative for the President nudges his boat up to a pier, when a man materialises out of the rain and shoots him.

In London, General Charles Ferguson, adviser to the Prime Minister, approaches his car on a side street, when there is a flash, and the car explodes.

In New York, a former British soldier takes a short walk when a man comes up fast behind him, a pistol in his hand.

For Sean Dillon the hunt is on, a very well-connected old nemesis has clearly become tired of their interference in his schemes.

But proving it is going to be a difficult task, and surviving it the hardest task of all…

Author: Jack Higgins

Type: Paperback

Qty available: 43

Publisher: HarperCollins ISBN: 9780007349425Categories: Adult Fiction Tags: Adult Fiction
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